Tuesday 18 March 2014

Full moon and Spring Equinox

Last night brought a splendid full moon and as from today the days start to get longer. Suddenly there are bees buzzing and chirping sounds at all hours, the fruit trees have burst into flower, and I can stay out and play just that little bit longer...

Violet Carpenter Bee Xilocopa violacea

Over the hill to the south we watched and waited unsuccessfully for signs of habitation at an abandoned Golden Eagle nest and unexpectedly came across a Badger sett with entrance/exits at either side of the track.
On the hillside
At the top
Amongst the rocks
There's a nest...
Badger sett with tracks to left
Exit hole?
I was able to photograph a Hoopoe from the car as we cruised towards it and we were greeted by a friendly donkey who wanted it's nose scratching.

Meanwhile Storks are setting up homes at unlikely sites and we're getting all sorts of clients at the window bird-table.

Sparrow and Great tit
Collared doves

Spanish Sparrow
Luxury nest with a view

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