Thursday 22 March 2018


So far this year we’ve been having plenty of rain, snow, sleet, frost fog, mist and hail, but especially rain.  For which we are infinitely grateful.

In the space of a couple of weeks the colour of the countryside changed from an ochrey silver to a hundred different shades of green, new shoots and leaves all eager to cover the ground and bright spongey moss on stones that looked completely devoid of life just days before.
So I want to pay tribute to the most important life-force on the planet, what everything depends on, nurtures us, is a part of us and unites all life forms: Water.   
So here are a few photographs of water in its different forms and some of the protagonists of the last couple of months….with some special visitors who stopped by for a while on their way to their breeding grounds.
Happy World Water day!

Feeding the hungry
Snow witch


Alpine accentor

Views from the Peña de Francia

Snow finch Photograph by Marcos Sevillano


Grey wagtail
Cranes gather before departure

Female Scaup

Hibrid Tufted duck and Scaup

Ferruginous ducks

Red crested Pochard
Uneasy truce

Marsh harrier

Reed bunting

River Tormes at Puente del Congosto

Dipper at River Tormes

River Duero

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