Saturday 20 June 2020

Flower power.

This Spring we were to have had several groups visiting us: British birders, general naturalists (co-leading with Chris at Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays UK) and a group of botanists from Denmark, led by veteran botanist Flemming Thorning -Lund.

It wasn’t to be, but this collection of photographs taken on walks around my village (none more than a couple of miles from home except for the roadside Jasonia montana and the field of Verbascum), is meant as a small consolation, and in the hope that they may inspire all who see them to visit this wonderful area some day, when it is safe to travel again.

The photos are in chronological order, to get an idea of the order of appearance: from the last days of April within the village boundary through May (most of the photographs) to the first days of June on more ambitious walks and the last seven are from yesterday evening. 

Please forgive any identification errors: I’m just a beginner in botany.

Orchis champagneuxii Champagne orchid
Ornithogalum umbellatum Star of Bethlehem

Bartsia trixago Trixago bartsia

Saxifraga granulata Saxifrage

Spergularia purpurea Purple sand spurry

Helianthemum aegyptiacum a tiny cistus
Helianthemum angustatum  a cistus
parentucellia latifolia a kind of tiny bartsia

Paronychia argentea 

Anthyllis lotoides 

3 types of vetch

Anthyllis vulneraria sbs gandogeri

Astragalus (or Bisserula) pelecinus

Astragalus (or Bisserula) pelecinus

Biscutella didyma  Buckler mustard

Centaurea cyanus Cornflower

Helianthemum appeninum Rock rose

Helianthemum appeninum Rock rose

Hymenocarpos lotoides

Lupinus angustifolius Blue lupin

Lupinus hispanicus Spanish lupin


Orchids under Holm oak

Orchis mascula Purple orchid

Orchis mascula Purple orchid - pink

Silene psammitis subsp. link

Thapsia villosa Villous deadly carrot  in bud

Thapsia villosa emerging flower

Thapsia villosa

Thapsia villosa

Tuberaria macrosepala
Tuberaria macrosepala

Vicia benghalensis Red-tufted vetch

Vicia tenuifolia Fine-leaved vetch

woodland edge

Linnum bienne Pale flax

Orobanche rapum genistae Greater broomrape

Tolpis barbata Umbrella milkwort


Peaceful pond with Turtle dove purring

Filago carpetana 

Lotus corniculatus Birds-foot trefoil
Echium vulgare Viper's bugloss Andryala laxiflora  and Matricaria recutita Chamomile

Bartsia trixago Trixago bartsia

Orobanche minor Lesser broomrape in bud
Jasonia montana Sheep's-bit

Jasonia montana Sheep's-bit on roadside


Orobanche minor Lesser broomrape

Sedum amplexicaule and Thimus zygis

Sedum amplexicaule Stonecrop
Andryala integrifolia 

Thapsia villosa with beatles
Verbascum pulverulentum Hoary mullein
Centaurium schilloides Perennial centaury 
Centaurium schilloides Perennial centaury detail 

Ononis spinosa Spiny restharrow

Sedum sediforme Pale stonecrop
Thapsia villosa seedhead
Trifolium angustifolium Narrowleafed crimson clover
Campanula lusitanica Lusitanian bellflower 

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