Monday 6 January 2014

Summary of 2013

During 2013 I was lucky enough to see some birds I’d not seen before (marked with *): not exactly rarities but very special for me anyway.

Here are a few highlights, as well as migration dates, all seen in our local patch unless stated and within the provinces of Salamanca and Ávila:

Buzzards mating close to our village
Raven versus Red Kite above our vegetable plot
White Stork arrives end of month
Red Kite tries to scare off Raven
Raven displaying territorial behaviour


Crested Tit* and Firecrest in the Sierra de Francia
Golden Eagle (1st winter) outside our village
Hoopoe close to home (seen frecuently in winter)
Over 1100 Crane flying in to roost on shores of Local reservoir. They remained in the area until end of February
Cranes flying over the reservoir to roost in the evening

Redwing in the Sierra de Francia
Great-Spotted Cuckoo outside our village
Fieldfare ¼ mile from our village

Great Spotted Cuckoo just behind our house


Iberian Chiffchaff arrived mid-March
The Short-toed Eagle and the Booted Eagle arrived around the middle of March and were here until mid-September, although a few were sighted later
The Cuckoo first made itself heard in late March as did the
First Swallows arrive

Short-toed Eagle near village


Great Bustard Peñaranda area
Lesser Kestrel arrives
Wheatear arrives
The Spectacled, Subalpine, Melodious and Western Orphean Warblers arrive mid-April
Blue Rock thrush in local St. Teresa Reservoir and also by the River Tormes in SE Salamanca
Blue Rock thrush
Bee-eaters arrive
Black Kite arrives
Woodchat Shrike arrives
Honey Buzzard arrives
Bonelli’s Eagle above our vegetable patch
Black Kite


Spanish Sparrows nest in garden behind our house

Spanish Sparrow and guarding nest below
Western Bonelli's and Garden Warblers arrive
Short-toed Lark arrives
Pied Fly-catcher
See Tawny Owls mating on a neighbour's TV arial!
Red-rumped Swallow arrives

Red-rumped Swallows and nest
Golden Oriole arrives
Egyptian Vulture in Arribes, W. Salamanca
Spoonbill in Arribes
Black-necked Grebe in Arribes
Black Stork in local reservoir
Nightingale arrives
Black Stork and three Herons
Nightingale singing


Montague's Harrier close to home
Turtledoves arrive
Penduline Tit* in Arribes
Pallid Swift* in Arribes
Great Reed Warbler in Arribes
Linnets and Subalpine Warblers nest in our Rosemary bush

Mother Linnet in nest
Three hungry Linnet chicks
Ladder snake digesting our Linnets

Sadly the chicks are eaten by a large Ladder Snake which I remove in a sack to a safe distance from the village..
Quail near village: sadly very few in area due to overhunting
Eagle Owl chicks with parent in their nest on a rocky outcrop above reservoir
Black Tern* over reservoir

Subalpine warbler in our back yard
Black-eared Wheatear by reservoir
Large colony of Sand Martin near River Tormes
Water Pipit* Sierra de Bejar
Little Ringed Plover chicks and parents
Hobby above vegetable plot

Black-eared Wheatear
Sand Martin colony


White Storks begin to gather for migration
family of Golden Oriole next to village
Nightjar near village
Savi's Warbler San Bartolomé de Bejar
Pied Flycatcher and Spotted Flycatcher arrive
Whinchat arrives

Storks gather for departure


Golden Eagle over village
Wryneck* in the outskirts of Salamanca town
Marsh Sandpiper* Laguna del Cristo
Alpine Swift River Duero, Arribes
Slender-billed Gull* local reservoir
Night Heron by River Tormes


Widgeon and Shoveler River Tormes
Alpine Accentor Sierra de Francia
Large gathering of Griffon Vulture close by village

Griffon vulture gathering


Teal local reservoir
Cranes begin to arive
Great White Egret by River Tormes

Cranes gathering in late afternoon


Gadwall Laguna del Cristo
Red Kite Roost

Red Kites above roost

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