Friday 10 January 2014

The White Storks are arriving...

On Wednesday evening we saw one of our White Storks on its nest on the church tower: no doubt the male who'll be fixing up the nest ready for the arrival of his mate.  Amazing to think that they may not have seen each other since last August, when they headed off South.  I'm looking forward to the bill clapping when she finally arrives - it's always a joy to hear and anticipates the coming of Spring although still a long way off.

This year he's come about three weeks earlier than usual, and others have also arrived in the region, so it must be that wherever they were the food's run out.  Worrying.

This evening in the vegetable patch a group of Long-tailed tits catching mosquitoes hatched due to the unseasonably mild weather.  It's got up to 18ÂșC the last few days.

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